My Bestie Let Me Photograph her! Boudoir Gift Certificate – Madison, WI

February 29, 2020

I am so dang happy to finally share this shoot!  Over the years I have heard from hundreds (thousands?) of women how their boudoir shoot changed the way they saw themselves. It makes you want to share the experience with every woman you know!

I have known Mrs. K and her husband since grade school and after a bit of coaxing from me, she agreed to book a shoot.  I think it’s very safe to say that if her bestie Jolene wasn’t a boudoir photographer she would likely have never booked a shoot such as this.  Mrs. K, being the cool chic she is, showed up, she humored me and she let me do my thing.

The best part about delivering these images for me was her hubby’s response.  I don’t often hear from my client’s significant others.  Every so often I will get an email with a thank you but overall it’s pretty rare.  Mr. K sent me the nicest text after he saw her images.  I wasn’t so surprised that he sent the text as much as I was surprised at how wholehearted and genuine his comments were.  Having known Mr. K for most of my life as the joker type, I honestly expected some spicy comment on how hot his wife is.  Instead, his message was a heartfelt thank you and a comment on how magnificently beautiful she is.  It actually made me tear up, it was so sweet.

You all know my motto is “Do it for you.” and I still stand by it.  But, I tell you what, sharing your images with your significant other is so meaningful, ladies.

Men, your wives and girlfriends need this experience.  Yes, you’ll benefit from seeing their amazing photos but guess what?  There is nothing better than a confident woman.  When you gift a boudoir shoot, you are giving something even better than beautiful images.  You are giving confidence, courage, and self worth.  Send me a message via the contact form on this site and I’d love to send you a beautiful, printable gift certificate for that special woman in your life!!


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