The standard session includes 3 outfits. When you book your session you will receive a Boudoir Prep Guide to help you to prepare for your session that includes wardrobe suggestions and links to recommended retailers.

This is something I started offering my clients a few years ago. I offer all my clients a "Between the Sheets" look at the end of every shoot. They are almost ALWAYS my client's favorite images. There is just something so classic and timeless about them.

After your shoot, I'll get to work culling, editing and retouching your images. Turn around is typically 1-3 weeks. I schedule ordering sessions on Tuesdays from 9-3.

I pride myself on knowing exactly how to pose ALL women to put them in their best, most flattering light. When you combine killer hair and makeup, beautiful light and a flattering pose you get magic darling.

When you book your session, you'll complete a questionnaire that will help me to understand your level of comfort when it comes to nudity. At this time about 50% of my clients tell me they want topless or fine art nude images in their session. It is totally up to you and you can leave it to be decided at the session, if you wish.

 I offer luxury albums, gorgeous wall art, digitals and more.

Albums continue to be the most popular item clients choose to order. Digitals are a close second.

Yes, I do! I have 20 private acres and also know of some killer locations we can shoot. Please inquire as to availability for an outdoor shoot.

I shoot studio boudoir sessions Wednesdays & Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. Hair and makeup takes about an hour and the shoot itself 1.5 hours.

My specialty is women and persons identifying as such. At this time I do not photograph men or couples.

Only if you give me written permission to do so. I have four levels of releases to choose from: full, partial, faceless or no release at all! I 100% respect your right to privacy. Some sessions never see the light of day, but most women love their images and are willing to sign a faceless release. Whatever you're comfortable with, and you can decide after you see your images.

Yes, Ma'am! I offer a pre-session payment plan. I take PayPal Credit and of course I accept all major credit cards.

You can rest assured that you will still look like you...just on your best day. My retouching philosophy is that if it's temporary (blemishes, bruises, rashes) it goes. If it's permanent (birthmarks, tattoos, scars) it stays unless you request it be removed. Everyone gets a natural skin smooth (no plastic looking skin here) and subtle under eye softening. I'm not going to morph your body into someone you don't recognize. I want to show you how to love the body and skin you are in. 

Total turn around from shoot to album in hand ranges from 6-8 weeks. I always recommend booking 8-12 weeks in advance if you need products by a certain date.

Once you're on the books, you will receive my exclusive shoot planner. It will go over ALL the things getting ready for your shoot. Hair, skin, nails, wardrobe, You name it, it's in there!

We live in a digital world and I 100% understand wanting access to digital files. Collections can be either printed into a luxury 8x12 album or can be delivered in full res digital format. You can print your own photos if you go the digital route and I'll even send you my lab recommendation. The choice is yours and you can do both if you wish!

Send me a message at the contact form below to get the process started!

I've had clients come from Texas, Montana, Seattle, Minnesota, and Florida!  If you're traveling in, I have a super helpful guide to local places to stay and eat, traveling info and more!  When it comes to viewing your images, we'll simply set up a zoom session to finalize your order.  Easy peasy!

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