Boudoir is an investment, in yourself, but also financially.

 I am here to help make it easy for women with all budgets to benefit from this life changing, luxury experience.

I want ALL women to be able to splurge on themselves.   Especially when a short term splurge can have such incredible, long term benefits. 

It happens all the time.... A client comes in and is hoping they'll at least like a few pictures.  After looking at all of their jaw dropping images and selecting their favorites, they realize quite quickly that they LOVE so many more that they expected they would.

But hey, that’s okay, because (insert drum roll!) we have payment plans!  Here's how they work.

I want all the things


• Additional Outfit  ($300 value)

•50% off your next boudoir session fee to be used within 12 months ($300 value)

•Acrylic album cover upgrade  ($200 value)

•Velvet pages album upgrade  ($200 value)

•Gold or silver gilding album upgrade  ($200 value)

Click the link below to view the collection details to see which works best for you! To set up your pre-payment plan, please email 

Easy peasy!


I offer post session payment plans through PayPal.  PayPal offers flexible terms and no interest for 6 months.  You can apply ahead of time at the link below!  Then, at your ordering session, you can inform me of your wish to pay with PayPal payment plan. I will invoice you right then and you can pay from your phone!


pre-payment plan

• Pre-payment plans are available for collections $2575 and up.

• You’ll decide what collection you are interested in first.

• We’ll set up a recurring payment so that you will be charged automatically each month from the time of the agreement until 30 days prior to your shoot. 

• Pre-payments are non-refundable, so only purchase what you are comfortable with. You can always upgrade at your reveal when you see all your amazing images.

• Now for the best part! Once you've paid for your collection in full, you are eligible for bonuses!

Choose and pre-pay for....

post shoot payment plans

 14-21 Images - Choose 1 bonus 
 28 Images - Choose 2 bonuses 
 35 Images - Choose 3 bonuses
 42 Images or more - Choose 4 bonuses

Questions?  Email and I'd be happy to schedule a quick call to go over all of the options and answer any questions you may have!