Heading West – Part One – Senior Pictures – Madison, WI

April 6, 2017

 Senior Picture of two best friends in a clasic truck.

Part one of our epic road trip last summer!

So.  Many.  Pictures.

There is really no better way to….

1. See the country or

2. Photograph in as many locations as possible over a 10 day period!

The idea to head west last summer came to me after watching one of my favorite music videos.  The White Buffalo’s “Wish It Were True” video has always spoken to me.  I mean it has all the things I LOVE, the junkyard, the abandoned motel, the desert…….THE LIGHT!  The first time I saw it I said “THIS!  Every last bit of it!”  Music has always been a huge part of my life and music videos are one of my favorite places to find inspiration.

Now, I thought about contacting a junkyard in the desert and arranging to shoot there but then I realized that sounded way too much like the plot of a low budget slasher flick.

“Midwestern girls head west to take pictures in junk yard never to be seen again!”


We settled for letting the road lead the way.  Stopping when we saw something cool.  We hit up lots of back roads, small, dusty towns and old roadside attractions.

No road trip out west is complete without your best friend and that’s where Miss DeeDee came in.  Me, my sister and two teenagers girls.   Road trips are tight quarters and there were some “moments”, of course!  Thankfully short lived!

Featured in this post……  The Cadillac Ranch, abandoned motels and gas stations, and The Meteor Crater!

Fun, huh? Stay tuned for Part Two of Head West!


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