Catherine – Senior Pictures – Verona, WI – Madison, WI

May 2, 2017

 Editorial styles senior portrait session with a small dog and classic truck.

Catherine’s session has to be one of my favorites from last year!  One of my favorite parts of being a portrait photographer is when I have the opportunity to tell a little story.  When I sat down with Catherine and her mom for her pre-session consultation I found out quite a bit about what she liked, her hobbies and Duffy her adorable dog!  Together we decided on what story we wanted to tell.  It was a little road trip with “the Duff” along with some of her favorite things!  The light was perfection, the dog cooperated and we found the perfect vehicle to compliment them both (thanks, Jamie)!


What are you hobbies?  What’s your style?  What are your favorite things?  Some things to think about once you’ve booked your session.  I can’t wait to hear all about YOU and design a session that’s going to tell your story!

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