A Stunning Senior Portrait Session – Madison, WI

November 9, 2017

 Senior Portrait taken in Madison, WI.

Once again, I am wrapping up another amazing senior portrait season.  I have so many great sessions to share!

Jillian and her mom contacted me the summer between her sophomore and junior year and applied to be a spokesmodel.  Now that’s what I call on the ball!  I seem to start booking earlier every year.  It’s not even January and I have almost half of my summer sessions booked for 2018!!!  Unreal.  I am so honored and grateful that so many of these kids want me to be their senior photographer.

Jillian’s session was at Pope Farm Conservancy.  If you are unfamiliar, this is the place that hosts the annual sunflower days in August.  It is always super busy during the peak of sunflower season and I was really excited to be shooting there past their peak this year.  This place is glorious, even without sunflowers and it was the perfect spot for what Jillian had in mind for her senior session.

Jillian is a dancer and although she didn’t really want to do “dance pictures” for her senior pictures she obliged her mama and did some with all her dance shoes from over the years.  Just writing this leaves a lump in my throat.  I’ve got a little 3 year old who just started ballet and I can imagine all the hard work and fun it has brought them both.

Thank you Jillian!  It’s been wonderful getting to know you over the past couple of years!

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