“It’s a transformative experience.” ~ Boudoir Photography Madison, WI

January 5, 2019

What is your age? 43

What do you do for a living? Marketing

Did you have any fears going into your session?
I was nervous and excited of the unknown. I showed up with some skimpy and meaningful garments/outfits with dirty hair and a freshly washed face. The shoot was weighing heavily on my mind for the weeks leading up. I eliminated sodium for 5 days before the shoot and cut my calories in half. I was warmly greeted and immediately put at ease chatting with Jolene. The Stylist arrived and took over from my neck up – it was easy breezy. In no time I looked photo ready and better then I had in years. The makeup job was seriously perfection! She left and I got into my hubs favorite t-shirt and panties…click click click and we were chatting and posing and laughing

.How was the actual session different from what you expected (if at all)?
I didn’t expect to enjoy the experience of having my picture taken, but it was private, comfortable and empowering. Occasionally I felt pretty, others cute, sometimes sexy and sassy. I never felt fat, too short, too this insecurity or that one…this was shocking. Very quickly I settled into, “so this is what I look like”…let’s work with it…let’s love it…let’s photograph it. I have kept this feeling ever since the session! This feeling, this mentality is what I -absolutely cannot get over or express enough- what a gift this has been to me. This session has provided me with a new found love and appreciation for my body, every angle, every spot, every curve and even bulge. It’s a beautiful gift to myself that affects the loves in my life as well. It’s an indescribable gift to my husband but my son and daughter have and will benefit too. They are living with a newly and deeply body-confident mama.

What was your favorite part of the entire experience? (hair and makeup, the shoot, image reveal, giving the images etc..)
Giving the images. I slowly rolled them out to my hubs. I gave him one in a text…then showed him one on my phone a couple days later…then I emailed him one with a flirty note. Finally, i gave him the book at home, after a fancy dinner out. It was …

I also loved getting to know Jolene over the course of the day and our time together. I left feeling like I want to be friends with her and hang out longer! I don’t have that feeling with people very often…I have a suspicion that a lot of people feel that way with Jolene. She’s warm, easygoing, expressive, passionate, fun, a deep thinker and just all around likeable! She loves what she does, she is an expert and it shows.

How has the response been to your images?

What is your advice for women interested in a boudoir experience?
It’s a transformative experience. It’s personal growth on levels I can’t even describe. For me to feel genuinely joyful in my own skin at 43 years old (finally) is amazing, a gift onto itself. I would have never guessed a photoshoot like this one would do that for me. I think back on all the head-time I spent obsessing about my body and it’s “flaws”, what I would change and how I could change it, I cringe. Had I known this experience -a boudoir photoshoot- would do this for me I would have done it years ago. Seriously.
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the price tag. YES, I totally understand your sticker shock. The price tag is steep. It was extremely difficult for me too. How can I rationalize spending this kind of cash on MYSELF? I lamented it and at the same time had some amazing encouragement from a couple friends and my husband. I can now say -beyond a doubt- it was worth it! 100% worth it. You will only be YOU – now! You can always make money… & Jolene is worth it. Totally!

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