Running Against the Wind – Desert Editorial Shoot – Roy’s Cafe – Amboy, CA

April 11, 2019

The last time I was at Roy’s it was 2003 and I was on what is still the most epic adventure I’ve ever been on or likely will ever be on. There are a couple of you (you know who you are) who will understand the significance of this place.

Roy’s has changed a bit since then. It’s no longer abandoned completely. There’s a little convenience store that sells old fashioned soda in glass bottles and pricey gas for the traveler who forgot to fill up before crossing the desert.

Nowadays, you’ll find a tour bus stopped to take pictures or a social media influencer creating content for her feed here.
Ah….the days of Instagram have changed so many places.

In ’03 there wasn’t a soul to be seen here. It felt like a truly abandoned desert oasis. Maybe it was. Maybe it only felt that way because I was a young, small town girl trying to figure life out after a loss that shook me to my core.

There is one thing I know for sure. I had headed west in ’03 looking for answers….direction. I am certainly am not the first person to do this. What I know now is that the open road doesn’t give you the answers. It can’t. What it can do however, is facilitate the opportunity to look within yourself.

WITHIN is where the answers lie.

How fun to share this place with such a kindred spirit. Deanna – You will have many more grand adventures. This I know for sure.

Thank you for sharing this one with me.


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