The Universe sent me down this path for a reason. It is my personal mission to empower women on their journey to self-love. We live in a world that is constantly bombarding us with unrealistic images and standards. I help women to accept and love themselves as they are right now, in this moment.

We all have a story. I want to tell yours.


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Welcome! I’m Jolene and I LOVE that you’re here! You are likely here because something in my work has resonated with you. As an artist, I can't tell you how happy that makes me because I truly love what I do.

 I firmly believe a boudoir session is an experience every woman should have. We women are notoriously our own worst critics. A boudoir shoot is an opportunity to take your power back and see yourself as you truly are. Perhaps for the first time in your life. Sure, boudoir is about pretty pictures but truly, it is about so much more.

Are you ready?

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She’s single, she’s married, she’s divorced. She’s a mother of 4 and she’s not having kids. She’s a cancer survivor, a domestic abuse survivor, a stay at home mom…..a business woman.

She’s struggled, she’s overcome, she’s working on it day by day.  

She’s got heart and she gives and gives and gives and it’s about damn time she do something for herself. 

She’s you darling….yes YOU.



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I get that it’s out of your comfort zone. Girl, you’re not alone. Send me a message with all your questions! You’re feeling drawn to my website for a reason. I want to know all about you and your reason for wanting to do a boudoir shoot. You can tell me all your reservations and I can tell you all the reasons it will be okay…..and it will. Promise.


I believe that the experience of having your portrait made is as important as the photos themselves. Let me make you feel like the queen you are. Once my makeup artist has had her way with you, we will start shooting. No worries. I will coach you every step of the way. Before you know it, you’ll completely forget you’re in your skivvies.  


You will view your final images 2-3 weeks after your shoot at your in-studio ordering session. Yep, I'll dim the lights and make it all theatrical. We’ll watch a killer slideshow -you might get emotional. Next we'll go through each of your images so you can make your selections.  I’ll show you all the pretty products can order! Perhaps you’ll order them all. Yeah, it happens!







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This is a place to empower women and celebrate our individuality and unique beauty- both inside and out! Our VIP Group is 5,000 ladies strong and growing each and every day. We are all about encouragement, inspiration, positive energy and all that other warm and fuzzy, feel good stuff!

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the studio

You're going to love our intimate studio loft located in historic downtown Mount Horeb. Inspired by beautiful boutique hotels, no detail has been overlooked. Leave all of your worries at the door, sit back, relax and enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience tailored just for you. It's time to indulge in some much-needed girl time, celebrating everything that you are.

The Studio

So many women get emotional when they see their images for the first time. I often hear things like, “Gosh, I don’t know why I’m crying!” Or “I can’t believe that’s me.”

I think it’s because as women we’ve been told our whole lives by society that we’re not good enough. We’ve been told that we need to live up to some ridiculous, unattainable standard of beauty.

A boudoir session can help you see yourself as you truly are instead of through the absurd lens that our society feeds us on the daily.

No matter your body shape, hair color or age...
Boudoir is for every woman at every stage of her life.

No judgement. No expectations.


The standard session includes 3 outfits. When you book your session you will receive a Boudoir Prep Guide to help you to prepare for your session that includes wardrobe suggestions and links to recommended retailers.

What should I wear? How many outfits should I bring?

After your shoot, I'll get to work culling, editing and retouching your images.  Turn around is typically 1-3 weeks.  I schedule ordering sessions on Tuesdays from 9-3.


I pride myself on knowing exactly how to pose ALL women to put them in their best, most flattering light. When you combine killer hair and makeup, beautiful light and a flattering pose you get magic darling.

I'm not a model... will i still look good?

When you book your session, you'll complete a questionnaire that will help me to understand your level of comfort when it comes to nudity. At this time about 50% of my clients tell me they want topless or fine art nude images in their session. It is totally up to you and you can leave it to be decided at the session, if you wish.

Do I have to go nude?

 I offer luxury albums, fine art prints, gorgeous wall art, digitals and more.

What are your ordering options?

YES!! Girl, I love to shoot outside. I know some KILLER sites to shoot and I also have 20 private acres right outside my backyard!

I'm interested in outdoor boudoir, Do you do that?

I shoot studio boudoir sessions Wednesday - Friday at 10:00 a.m. Outdoor boudoir sessions are scheduled on Tuesday evenings. Hair and makeup takes about an hour and the shoot itself 1.5 hours.

When do you shoot your boudoir sessions?

I know what I'm good at and it's most definitely women. Therefore at this time, I do not photograph men or couples.

Do you photograph men or couples?

Only if you give me written permission to do so. I have four levels of releases to choose from: full, partial, faceless or no release at all! I 100% respect your right to privacy. Some sessions never see the light of day, but most women love their images and are willing to sign a faceless release. Whatever you're comfortable with, you can decide after you see your images.

Will you use my images on your website, social media or blog?

Send me a message via my contact form below and I'll get back to you with 24 hours Monday-Friday.

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free your inhibitions

Mrs. s

"It's a transformative experience. It's personal growth on levels I can't even describe. For me to feel genuinely joyful in my own skin at 43 years old (finally) is amazing, a gift onto itself. I would have never guessed a photoshoot like this one would do that for me. I think back on all the head-time I spent obsessing about my body and it's "flaws", what I would change and how I could change it, I cringe. Had I known this experience -a boudoir photoshoot- would do this for me I would have done it years ago. Seriously." 

Mrs. B

“I’ve been meaning to email you to say thank you. My husband loved his birthday present! He was totally shocked and completely surprised. We love the photos and book! You converted my boob man; his favorites all include my backside.”

Mrs. J

“I just want to say thank you...again!! I just keep going back to the pictures and can’t even comprehend...that’s really me! You are amazing at what you do and I so enjoyed hanging out with you!!! Thank you for allowing me to hold my head high and be proud of the person in those photos.”

Mrs. L

“Looks wonderful! Thank you for making me feel so comfortable! You are so talented. What a great experience.”

Miss P

“I am blown away. Jolene Dombrowski - you are amazing. Any self-doubt about my appearance, any physical insecurities I had are gone. As I watched the slideshow of my session I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. That beautiful woman in those pictures was me! I couldn’t believe it! Jolene, I want to thank you for knocking this out of the park. You were amazing that day and squashed any apprehension I had. I am on cloud 9 right now. Thank you. If no one has told you lately, what you do matters.”

Mrs. H

“This had been such an amazing experience. You have made me feel wonderful this week. Thanks for everything you do. You have a gift for empowering women. My husband is in love!”

Mrs. M

“Thank you so much for yesterday. You definitely made me feel comfortable. I had the best confidence yesterday after you left, so relaxed and at peace. Thank you again and for all you do for other women as well.”

Mrs. N

“I've never felt so amazing and beautiful as when you were photographing me and to see the final product was stunning! It was like I was seeing myself for the first time in a long time. Yes, I was very nervous starting out but you made it seem so comfortable and natural. Telling me I was gorgeous and beautiful throughout the session made my day! I was someone who was afraid to do it because of the cost and afraid of what I would look like but the way you made me feel was priceless! I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you!”

Mrs. N

“I keep looking at the pictures and I could just kiss you. I went from an in-shape mid twenties hot little thing who knew she looked good and felt good about herself to this weird, 30-something insecure new mom. Very hard...and I really didn’t think I could look like that. It’s incredible to see myself in that way again, and to have the ability to just peek at them when I’m feeling bad about myself. Thank you! You’ll truly never know what you’ve done for me but I hope that you do know that you’ve made me feel better than I thought I could, ever.”

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SESSION  |  $500


Professional Hair and Makeup
1.5 Hour Photo Shoot
3 Outfits
50+ Images to View
In-Person Ordering Session

Extra Outfit and 30 Minutes - $125

Prints and Digitals are Additional 
Typical client investment ranges $1400-$4200

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“Watch carefully, the magic that occurs when you give a person just enough comfort to be themselves.”


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