“I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner.” Wisconsin Boudoir Photographer

February 1, 2020

What is your age? 43

What do you do for a living? Stay at home mom. Business owner.

What made you decide to book a boudoir shoot? I decided to book a boudoir shoot after watching Jolene’s posts and talking to other women that have done the shoots with Jolene. The pictures are amazing and everyone said how amazing you feel after the shoot and during.

Did you have any fears going into your session? I was nervous if the pictures were going look good going into the shoot. I have a birthmark and have had c sections, extra skin and have gained weight since staying at home. So totally nervous about the outcome of the pictures.

How was the actual session different from what you expected (if at all)? The session was so amazing with Jolene telling you to do these crazy poses that you think for sure are gonna make you look like a weirdo – to her telling you it’s gorgeous. It was weird with the first few pictures then you get comfortable and then there was a lot more laughter and a lot less nerves with the session.

What was your favorite part of the entire experience?  The image reveal was awesome. Seeing yourself up on a tv with gorgeous photos that you thought for sure were going to look funny with the faces you were making. Narrowing down the pictures I thought was going to be easy. I figured I would like a handful of them. Then when I had like 30 images that I liked and would have had to narrow down 10 more I thought. Wow these pictures are fantastic

How has the response been to your images? I was very nervous to show them to my husband. I was trying to think of a cool way but really had nothing cool to do. He absolutely loved them.

What is your advice for women interested in a boudoir experience? I think that every woman should take a chance and do a boudoir shoot. Even if you aren’t at your ideal weight like I wasn’t. You should do it. It makes you feel beautiful.

Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty as a result of your experience? I feel like if you get a little makeover and get a boudoir you just feel so beautiful. I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner.


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