Client Interview – Boudoir Photoshoot – Madison, WI

January 17, 2022

What is your age? 38

What do you do for a living? Stylist

How was the actual session different from what you expected?
The initial contact with Jolene made the actual session so relaxing & fabulous. Her constant contact and phone calls made it so personal. I felt like I was going to hang out with a girlfriend on ‘shoot day’!

What was your favorite part of the entire experience?
Definitely the image reveal was my favorite part. I brought my husband as a surprise for our anniversary. He had NO IDEA what we were doing until he walked into the studio. We picked the images out together, he was passionate about a few that I wasn’t, and was pretty persistent to make sure they made it to the little black book. After going back and forth, and narrowing it down to the final decision I agreed to the few he really loved. What he saw was a sexy & seductive look I didn’t know I had. It wasn’t a smile to the camera that I’m so used to seeing of myself. Now looking at the photos (for the millionth time) those few are my favorites.

How has the response been to your images?
I’ve shared my photos with all the women in my life from family & friends to coworkers & clients. Initially, everyone’s response is blown away… as was mine. The images are THAT HOT! I wasn’t prepared for the emotional response and how much deeper & impactful sharing my photos would be for women. For that bonus, it completed the whole experience and I’m grateful to be able to inspire others.


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