Sexy Photoshoot – Madison, WI

February 28, 2022

I love reading my client’s answers in their post session interview. I have found everyone has their own personal reasons for scheduling a sexy photoshoot such as this but there is always a common thread of wanting to feel beautiful, honoring their journey or feeling empowered. Let’s face it, we live in a world that sometimes makes it hard to love ourselves.

The best part of my job is the ability to help women see themselves as they truly are. Not necessarily how they view themselves when looking through the lens society give us….their childhood gave them….their past relationships. Almost every woman I meet has some past trauma she’s working though.

I think it may be part of what we’re all here to do and honestly I am so honored my clients have chosen me to play a small part in their healing journey.

What is your age? 36

What do you do for a living? Licensed marriage and family therapist.

What made you decide to book a boudoir shoot?
I wanted to honor and give love to my body that it deserves. My body has given me two healthy children, has repaired itself from traumatic injuries and continues to reflect beauty throughout each passing year.

Did you have any fears going into your session?
No, I felt so welcomed and the energy once I was there was warm and inviting.

How was the actual session different from what you expected (if at all)?
I thought I was going to be uncomfortable or feel insecure but I felt empowered, strong and confident.

What was your favorite part of the entire experience?
The shoot.

How has the response been to your images?
Everyone is blown away, just incredible, beautiful, amazing and magical.

What is your advice for women interested in a boudoir experience?
Do it! Don’t waste time!

Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty as a result of your experience?
Yes I feel more confident and sure of myself!

Let’s do this!! Are you ready for your very own sexy little photoshoot? A quick phone call is how you get on my books! Schedule it here!

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